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Our Patrons
We are thankful to the following who has acceded to our request to become Patron of the JNHT Society against payment of Rs. 5,000/-. The Society is grateful to the following Hockey lovers in supporting and guiding in conducting series of annual tournaments organized by the Society.
Name City Amount (Rs.)
1. Shri K.S. Baxi New Delhi 5,000/-
2. Shri Rajesh Kumar Bangalore 5,000/-
3. Shri S.P. Saberwal New Delhi 5,000/-
4. Shri Narinder Batra New Delhi 5,000/-
5. Shri P.L. Dhall New Delhi 5,000/-
6. Thakur Uday Singh Bangalore 5,000/-
7. Shri Surinder Singh New Delhi 5,000/-
8. Shri Om Pathak New Delhi 5,000/-
9. Shri Jasmohan Singh New Delhi 5,000/-
10. Shri A.R. Sherwani New Delhi 2,000/-
11. Shri Sunder Hemrajani New Delhi 5,000/-
12. Shri P.P. Singh Jammu 5,000/-
13. Shri Suresh Bajaj New Delhi 5,000/-
14. Shri Iqbal Singh Saroya Chandigarh 5,000/-
15. Ms. Anita Ghosh New Delhi 5,000/-
16. Shri Rajeev Kapur New Delhi 10,000/-
17. Shri C. Malhotra New Delhi 10,000/-
18. Shri Ramesh Kapur New Delhi 10,000/-
19. Shri Pankaj Kapur New Delhi 10,000/-
20. Shri Rajesh Arora New Delhi 10,000/-
21. Shri B.K. Gandhi New Delhi 10,000/-
22. Shri Ajay Dewan New Delhi 10,000/-
23. Shri Rajeev Kapur New Delhi 10,000/-
24. Shri Balraj Malhotra New Delhi 10,000/-
25. The Chairman,
Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd
New Delhi 5,000/-
26. Shri Balbir Saran New Delhi 5,000/-
27. The Principal
Al-Ameen College
Bangalore 5,000/-
28. Shri Vinod Gawai Nagpur 5,000/-
29. M/s Logistic Linkage (I) Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 10,000/-
30. M/s Shailendra Jain C & F Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi 10,000/-
31. Shri Ramandeep Singh Canada 5,000/-
32. Shri Rashpal Singh Ludhiana 5,000/-
33. Shri K. Krishnamurthy Bangalore 5,000/-
34. Mr. Ajay Jethi New Delhi 10,000/-
35. Mr. K.K. Kalra New Delhi 10,000/-
36. Mr. S.L. Katyal New Delhi 10,000/-
37. RSJ Modern School New Delhi 5,000/-
38. Shri Balbir Singh Chandigarh 5,000/-
39. DAV College Jalandhar 5,000/-
40. Dhanjal Impex Pvt Ltd New Delhi 10,000/-
41 Shri Varinder Kr. Varma New Delhi 5,000/-
42. Principal, Modern School,
Vasant Vihar
New Delhi 5,000/-
43. Principal, BGSUS Sr. Sec. School, Taran Taran Punjab 5,000/-
44. Principal, Lyallpur Khalsa College Jalandhar 5,000/-
45. Principal, Motilal Nehru School of Sports Sonepat 5,000/-
46. M/s Uniyal Cargo Movers Pvt Ltd. Gurgaon 5,000/-
47. Shri Rakesh Kumar Kakar New Delhi 5,000/-
48. D.G. - NCC New Delhi 5,000/-
49. Ms. Lalrampari Mizoram 5,000/-
50. Shri Dilip Chenoy New Delhi 10,000/-
51. Shri Anil Khanna New Delhi 5,000/-


The Jawaharlal Nehru Hockey Tournament Society which was set up in 1964 is deeply engaged in the development and promotion of Hockey – our national game. Besides the main open tournament in which foreign teams have been participating the Society is regularly holding annual competitions in different age groups like the Sub-Junior (u-15 years), the Junior (u-17 years) for boys, the girls (u-17 years) and for Colleges at the National/International level.

These tournaments both in the boys and girls sections are preceded by wide range of competitions held at the District and State levels to pick up up the Champion School teams to participate in the tournaments in Delhi. Besides the School teams sponsored by the State Education Directorates, teams are also being fielded by some of the Public Schools in the country.

The tournaments are duly recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. The introduction of prize money to the winning teams totaling Rs. 15.00 lacs approximately in all the five tournaments is serving as a big incentive in enthusing the youngsters to take to the game in large numbers and to achieve excellence in it. Our main objective is to restore India to its position of primacy in the World Hockey.

The tournaments entail heavy expenditure. We have no doubt been finding ways and means to raise finances to sustain these annual competitions but still we run short of the funds. The Society has, therefore, decided to approach all the hockey enthusiasts administrators, former hockey greats, and Corporate Officials to become Patron of the Society. Knowing as we do your love for our National Game, I earnestly request you to become Patron of the Society, by donating a sum of Rs. 5,000/- per annum. The donation to the Society enjoy Income Tax Exemption under Section 80-G of the Income Tax Act.

I would, therefore, request you to give your consent to become a Patron of the Tournament and also donate a sum of Rs. 5,000/-. I am confident that you will kindly accede to my request. I need hardly assure you that your contribution will go a long way in promoting this National Game which today is in dire need of support.

A cheque for minimum Rs. 5,000/- or more drawn in favour of “Jawaharlal Nehru Hockey Tournament Society”.
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