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The Jawaharlal Nehru Hockey Tournament Society, since its inception in 1964, has been deeply engaged in the development and promotion of our National Game of Hockey in the country. Five annual tournaments in different age groups are held at National/International levels with the sole objective of restoring India to its position of primacy in the World Hockey. Besides the prominent teams from within the country, foreign teams have also been participating in these tournaments which carry prize money of the value of Rs. 14.00 lakhs. A calendar of the tournaments to be held during this year is enclosed.

On the occasion of these tournaments, the Society, as usual, will bring out the annual Souvenir Brochure. This publication, besides advertisements, will contain facts about the tournaments, record relating to India’s participation in Olympics, World Cup & Asian Games, and articles by experts on Hockey. Being rich in its contents, the Souvenir has always been in great demand and has a very wide circulation within and outside the country.

To meet expenses on these tournaments, the Society depends to a large extent on the income from advertisements published in the Souvenir. It is gratifying to mention that Society has received generous help from States, Public Sector Undertakings, Industrial Houses, Business Organizations and the Advertising Agencies. To enable us to carry on the good work, we seek your valuable help and support in releasing an advertisement to be published in the Souvenir/Newsletter being brought out this year. This will not only be your contribution towards the promotion and development of our national game of Hockey in the country but will also serve as a means of publicity to your organization. The mechanical data and the advertisement tariff are given below :-
SOUVENIR Advertisement Tariff
  Mechanical Data
Size of Pages 24 cm x 18.5 cm Back Page Rs. 25,000/-
Print Area   Front/Back cover Rs. 15,000/-
Full Page 20 cm x 15 cm Full Page Rs. 10,000/-
Half Page 9 cm x 15 cm Half Page Rs. 5,000/-
  Hoardings 10’X15’ each Rs. 15,000/- each
  Ground Panels 10’X3’ each Rs. 10,000/- each
  Cloth Banners 3’X6’ each Rs. 5,000/- each
WEBSITE Top Strip For 6 month Rs. 75,000/-
  Bottom Strip For 6 month Rs. 50,000/-
  Left Panel For 6 month Rs. 60,000/-
  Right Panel For 6 month Rs. 60,000/-
NEWSLETTER Front Strip Per Quarter* Rs. 15,000/-
  Back Strip Per Quarter Rs. 10,000/-
In this connection, we may add that the Society is exempted from paying any TDS under Section 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act. 1961 & as such we request you not to deduct the same from the money being remitted to us. The Society Pan No. is AAA TJ 0572 C.

An Order Form for booking space is also enclosed. You are requested kindly to book space and send the material (stereo, art-pull etc.) at the earliest
* Already booked for this year
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